TEC Systems & Autonomy

Simulation Engineer

Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Work Type: Full Time

Work with a multidisciplinary team towards developing photorealistic simulations and environments for evaluating system performance across the different streams of operation. Additionally, also work on developing tools/plugins to accelerate the development and upgrade dynamic models


● Experience working on game/simulation development and optimization using Unreal Engine

● Experience developing 3D models using 3DX Max/ Maya/ Blender

● Experience creating rigged/AI based animations using 3D models

● Strong fundamentals in Numerical methods, Linear Algebra, and Probability

● Hands-on experience with code development in C++

● Developed User experiences in 3D environments

● Working knowledge of 3D modelling concepts like CSG, splines, and surface-based modelling, surfels

Good to have:

● Hands on experience in GPU programing (Specifically Nvidia based)

● Writing low-latency, real-time code

● Exposure to VR/AR tools and solutions

● Experience in creating HDRI environments and 3D textures

Personality Traits:

● Excellent creative thinking and attention to detail

● Ability to work with a distributed and diverse team of researchers, developers, designers, and engineers

● Ready to learn new concepts, stay up-to-date with the state-of-the-art in the field and implement them

● Ability to work within deadlines and dynamic work environment

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