Avionics/Communication system Engineer

Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Work Type: Full Time

We are looking to hire a person with experience in developing and implementing data bus for on-board communication and development of air-to-air communication systems


Must have-

● Experience working with Aircraft/UAV/Automotive communication systems

● Excellent knowledge of Antenna design and sizing

● Experience with testing RF interference and relevant standards for testing them

● Excellent knowledge of on-board electronics required for flight control by pilots

● Experience developing Frequency hopping or other techniques for reliable communication with low latency

● Experience working with Satcom/VHF hardware

● Experience with comm protocols like CAN, RS-485, Ethernet

● Experience with analyzing RF signals using Spectrum Analyzer and testing data integrity in CAN based communication using CANalyzer

Good to have-

● Experience working on communication systems for live video feed over LTE/SATCOM

● Experience with Aerospace systems engineering standards like ARP4754A, DO-254, DO-311

● Knowledge of integrating wireless communication systems to Fly-By-Wire/Flight Management Systems

Personality Traits:

● Strong Analytical thinking and problem solving ability

● Ability to work with a distributed and diverse team of researchers and developers

● High level of innovation and motivation

● Ability to work within deadlines and dynamic work environment

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