TEC Systems & Autonomy

Deep Learning: Perception

Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Work Type: Full Time

Role Entails:

Work on developing novel algorithms to drive the perception system of an autonomous aircraft; get an opportunity to combine geometry- based tools and learning-based tools to perceive complex environments

What you will do:

● Ideate and develop the novel perception algorithms for the research challenges autonomous aerial robots

● Work with cameras, lidars, RaDARs and develop custom algorithms for task associated with the same ● Optimize performance and reliability for developed models


Must have-

● Strong programming skills in Python/C++

● TensorFlow/Pytorch and TensorRT

● OpenCV/Point cloud based data processing

● Implemented Perception systems with experience in either: Object Detection, semantic segmentation, multi-object tracking, semantic understanding, scene recognition, prediction

● Experience with deploying DL models on edge hardware

● CUDA based code deployments

● Experience with ROS/ROS2

● Worked with autonomous drones/autonomous vehicles

● Experience working with cameras/lidars with real-time performance

Good to have-

● Working knowledge of full life cycle and various SDLC methodologies to meet project goals

● Knowledge of new concepts in architecture and design and awareness of technology trends

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