TEC Systems & Autonomy

Navigation Engineer: Vision-Based SLAM

Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Work Type: Full Time

Push the borders of what’s achievable in real-time Vision-based localisation and mapping by developing new algorithms that can fuse multiple camera and IMU data at speeds upwards of 150 km/h. The candidate will work on the cutting edge of Visually aided localization for aerial vehicles.


Must have:

● 3+ years experience in C++

● Understanding of computer vision concepts like camera models, multi-view geometry, and structure-from motion

● Experience with Feature engineering for vision and IMUs

● Understanding of image processing pipeline

● Implemented algorithms using UKF, EKF, Factor Graphs

● Conceptual/Implementation experience with Vision-based algorithms like ROVIO, VINS-MONO, SVO, DSO, or DTAM

● Understanding of Visual-Place recognition

● Experience with simulation of algorithms in a Linux-based platform

Good to have:

● Code optimisation for embedded devices

● Worked on Nvidia based compute boards

● Working knowledge on control systems, motion planning and/or deep learning

Personality Traits:

● Strong Analytical thinking and problem solving ability

● Ability to work with a distributed and diverse team of researchers, developers, and engineers

● Ready to learn new concepts, stay up-to-date with the state-of-the-art in the field and implement them

● Ability to work within deadlines and dynamic work environment

● Excellent English language communication skills, both written and verbal

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